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                development direction:

                Administrative passage:

                Reserve cadres - class leader - Assistant Manager / Minister

                General Commissioner - High Commissioner - Assistant - Executive / Minister

                Technical channel:

                Reserve cadres - a skilled technician, an assistant engineer and an engineer - a senior engineer

                An assistant engineer, an assistant engineer, an engineer, a senior engineer.

                Fringe benefits:

                Five social insurance and one housing fund + free work meals + accommodation + year-end bonus + + training provides all kinds of festivals, birthday welfare fee + allowance + + high temperature work on the free shuttle bus

                Job Info

                If you have any intention, please send your resume to
                Following mailbox:hr@unifull.com !

                • Reserve cadres (graduating graduates)
                • R & D assistant

                Reserve cadres (graduating graduates)

                Demand specialty:
                Materials engineering, applied chemistry, chemical engineering technology, textile engineering and so on.
                Patience is fine, solid and strong, willing to start from the grass-roots level. (training direction: Production Manager, production technician)

                Staff activity

                Zhejiang Unifull 浙ICP备05016081号