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                Group Info

                Zhejiang Unifull Industrial Fibre Co., Ltd was founded in 2003, in 2010 listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange. Juf currently owns two business segment, namely, polyester industrial fibre and new energy. The company is located in Huzhou, Zhejiang, China, bordering on Shanghai and Hangzhou, with unique traffic conditions. 

                Since its establishment, Juf is committed to the development of high performance polyester industrial yarn and its extension products. Juf’s process parameters, technical data and product standards are all ahead of domestic and foreign counterparts. It has established stable business relationships with numerous customers home and abroad. The company scale ranked the second among its international peer group. It occupies much market shares in European American and Asian countries such as USA, Germany, South Korea, Japan, etc.

                In September 2016, Juf held the acquisition of Jiangsu Zhi Hang Co., Ltd to further expand its development and enhance its competitiveness and is committed to creating an entirely new new-energy automobile industry. Jiangsu Zhi hang New Energy Co.,Ltd currently obtains a complete production lice of three-yuan cathode material, electric core and PACK system. Three-yuan power battery production ranks among the best domestic monomer battery enterprises.

                Chairman's speech

                With accurate orientation, creative idea and practical style, Unifull has become a leading company in industrial continuous filament yarns industry!

                We have experienced great development in past years. With the successful IPO in 2010, we obtained the challenges and opportunities at the same time. Through seizing the opportunities, we will continue to strengthen the position of our company in this industry; relying on powerful R&D ability and excellent management abilities, and taking the advantages of our company on brand and honest business, we are striving to be a leading brand in the world, and a leading enterprise in the top-grade different industry-purposed textile industry in the world, and a public company with long-term investment value.

                I believe Unifull will have a bright future! We will turn outstanding achievements to society and shareholders.

                We are looking forward to cooperating with you for bright future!

                • Values


                • Vision

                  To be a higher quality industry textile enterprise in the world

                • Core culture

                  People first; Continuous improvement;
                  Low life, high-profile work

                • Fundamental goal

                  With "customer, shareholder, employee, society (environment) common satisfaction" and "sustainable development"

                • Fundamental idea

                  "Resource union, achievement sharing"

                • Juf spirit of enterprise

                  "Innovation, efficiency, quality"

                • development strategy

                  Diversification and internationalization


                • 2017

                  In may, wuhan zhongyu was involved in a hydrogen fuel cell

                • 2017

                  The Ceiling project is under construction.

                • 2016

                  In September, the company acquired jiangsu zhihang new energy co., LTD

                • 2016

                  January, beautiful mind, charming Unifull

                • 2015

                  In January, 5S standardization training is carried out.

                • 2013

                  In April, the polymerization project was put into operation and industrial silk expanded

                • 2011

                  In June, the rubber cord product was put into production

                • 2010

                  November 24th, yufu industrial park was laid foundation.

                • 2009

                  In October, the company invested and established a subsidiary subsidiary, zhejiang yufu science and technology co., LTD., specializing in the r&d, production and sales of leaching canvas and curtain fabric products;

                • 2009

                  New line production

                • 2008

                  In september, SSP tower is put into operation;

                • 2008

                  In June 15, winding G, H line put into formal operation;

                • 2006

                  In August , winding E, F line put into formal operation;

                • 2005

                  Twisting workshop is put into production;

                • 2004

                  It was put into production in November;

                • 2003

                  In October, Zhejiang unifull Industrial Fiber Co. Ltd. was established;


                Zhejiang Unifull 浙ICP备05016081号