Weekly Classes

Odissi is one of the oldest surviving dance forms in the world. At ARPANA we stay true to the roots of Odissi in teaching both theory and the dance technique.

Classes are held every Thursday 7 pm and Saturday 8.30 am .

Location: First Floor Studio at The Alliance Francaise, Bangalore.

Class Requirements:

1) Students are expected to be in class 10 mins before scheduled time to warm up and prepare for class.

2) In case a student is held up or not able to make it to class, they need to inform the teacher through SMS of the same.

3)Students are required to wear either

a) Dance Half Sarees or
b) Salwar Kurtas

Please ensure that your clothing is comfortable and allows you free movement in class.

4)Please carry a notebook and pen, as you will need to take down notes and theory.

5)Please carry water to keep yourself hydrated during class.

6) Fees will be collected in the first class of the month. And for the number of classes opted in that month.

7) Students are encouraged to come to class with an open mind.

The journey of dance is one of self exploration: please treat classes with that sense of meditation, where you seek out opportunities for your own self-growth through the dance.

Please feel free to get in touch for any questions you may have.

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